Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mango Chia Mousse

Mango Chia Mousse

There is only one bag of frozen Alphonso Mango left and I am using it as a jewel. I love mango and like to use in ice cream, pudding, srikhand, lassi, milkshake, smoothie, dessert, where to stop? 
Now, going bit off the topic because I have small travel story that just popped up in mind while I am writing about mango mousse. 

I love travelling; different places, people, historical monuments, nature and food of course. I still remember my trip to India. I had visited this place called Madhavpur OSHO Ashram, Madhavpur Gujarat which is very close to Porbandar with my family. I was amazed by this divine place. Close to the Arabian Sea and had mind blowing carvings. This particular place is actually man made from lime stone mines which were unused after mining and are now a beautiful, spiritual divine ashram. Here is a picture of a beautiful painting of Buddha on the wall! 

बुद्धम शरणम गच्छामि

This information was provided by locals. Lord Krishna's place in Madhavpur is still there. Natural healing processes through meditation and unpolluted environment were done there. I also saw mango and coconut trees and thoughts were generated on the spot.

Art of carving is astonishing!!!!!!!!

Hand painting on limestone!

Well here comes mangoes again! Can't control myself  and my taste buds. I am using Chia seeds for many sweet preparations as well as in my green smoothies, salads, puddings and list goes on and on. Yesterday night, usually before go to bed, I like to make some plans for what I will tryout in my kitchen the next morning and this idea came into my mind. I like to get up early and dig out only one ingredient from my fridge or pantry. Then the brain starts to arrange pieces and I come up with a recipe automatically.

So, I have made Mango Chia Mousse.

Before sharing this recipe, I would like to tell you something.
Now I am officially member of Food Bloggers of Canada. Yesss!
You can see my name in directory and my blog as well. Excited!!!



1 Tablespoon Chia seeds
4 Cardamom pods
1 Cup water
4-5 drops Rose essence
2 Cup Frozen Mango pieces
1 Cup Whipping cream
1/4 cup water
2 Tablespoon honey
4 Tablespoon mango pulp
Saffron strands

Procedure(Serves 6):

  1. In medium bowl, soak Chia seeds in 1 cup water and add cardamom pods and rose essence .
  2. Cover it with lid and set a side for 20 minutes
  3. After 20 minutes of soaking chia seeds , check out if all water has been absorbed by chia seeds and seeds become soft and more than double in size.
  4. In blender add frozen mango pieces, whipping cream and water and blend it at medium high speed for 2-3 minutes until fluffy mousse texture is achieved .
  5. Add honey and blend it again for 30 seconds 
  6. In soaked chia seeds , add mango puree and mixed well. Don't forget to remove cardamom pods now from chia seeds.
  7. In clear glass serving cup , make layers of Chia seeds mixture and and on top of it add Mango mousse mixture
  8. Sprinkle Saffron Strands on top
  9. Chill in refrigerator and served chilled mango mousse.
1. Buy Organic Chia seeds and Honey for Healthy Food Choice.
2. Use half amount of Honey if you want to avoid extra calories.

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