Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hello Everyone!

I love to share my passion for all taste buds: salty, sweet , savory, spicy and of course healthy and I hope that you too will find joy in good food. My kitchen is a place where I live with all my dreams to be creative and artistic; healthy, fun filled food makes my family happy.  The food which I cook is very simple, fresh, healthy, and is made with all my love. Saffron is the spice which makes my food more elegant and colorful, and I love saffron because it changes an entire food dish, making it heavenly, delicious and colorful, just like our life. 
I really appreciated your visit. I would love to share my recipes, food ideas, healthy tips and lot more with my friends - dear and near ones. I created this blog with help of my lovely kids and encouragement of my dear husband to share my ideas amongst all of you who really want to make magic in their kitchen.
From childhood I am person who is fond of food, especially sweet delicacies. My mother is my food idol, who still, to this day, makes amazing food. From my mother's cooking skills, I am now learning more and more ideas to use in my cooking. By profession I am an engineer but never had any interest in that field, as I am basically an art loving person. When I was 8 years old, I had started cooking because my mother got seriously ill and with the help of my father, I was making food. At a young age, I was busy with school so couldn't take much interest in the kitchen. But now my husband and my awesome kids just love all different kinds of food, specially homemade food, so I have started cooking as a challenge with passion and love. I am still a learner and I would love to hear your comments and suggestions too. Feeding my family is the most satisfying and delightful job of my life.
The food I cook for my family and friends is simple, easy, and healthy. In this blog you will see my nature, my love and passion for food in each dish. Along with cooking, I also enjoy painting and designing clothes. I will occasionally post my creations up for all of you to enjoy.
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