Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kesar Kheer

I am the only one who love Kheer like crazy in my home. No matter what but I was making kheer almost every week,but now not anymore.:(

I always make extra rice so I can make kheer, lol

Very traditional sweet which is popular all over the world. Very easy to make without any super cooking skill and very easy dessert which you can make so quickly. It is very flavourful and aromatic creamer sweet. And you know now my saffron love!!!!

I like to use saffron in all dishes. 


1/2 cup long grain jasmine rice
1/2 cup sugar
a pinch of saffron (kesar)
3 cups milk
1/2 cup whipping cream
1 1/4 cup water
2 cardamoms
1/4 tablespoon almonds
1/4 tablespoon raisins
1/4 tablespoon cashew nuts

1/4 tablespoon pistachio nuts


  1. Wash the rice and drain.. 
  2. Soak the saffron in one tablespoon of warm milk and keep aside. 
  3. Blanch and slice the almonds, slice the pistachio and break the cashew nuts into small pieces. Clean the raisins if necessary.
  4.  Add the rice in wide medium pot on medium heat. 
  5. Add the milk, saffron soaked in warm milk and the water. Cook for a few minutes on moderate heat until the rice is done. Now add the sugar, whipping cream and cook further on low heat until the sugar has blended and the mixture thickens. 
  6. Remove from fire and allow to cool, if you wish to serve it chilled.
  7.  When about to serve, add half of the nuts and mix well. Pour the kheer into individual bowls. Garnish with the rest of the nuts and raisins. 
  8. Serve chilled or hot.

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